Life is no longer the same.

We are now in times of intense, sudden, disruptive change.  And when the status quo is challenged, we can feel threatened, anxious or bewildered.  At times we may hope that the world, in the way we have known it, will return.  But this is an illusion and will never happen.

At the same time, for many of us, in the midst of this rapid change, there is also an inner sense of peace, calm, quiet, longing and excitement.  Something new is happening personally and collectively.  There is a knowing deep inside of who we really are.  It is as if veils that were once obscuring our vision are suddenly lifting and access to the more refined aspects of ourselves are being experienced.

The world needs each of us to live from this higher dimension within ourselves.

There are many names for this.  For Shri, it is simply: Walking the Radiant Heart Path. This involves training the mind along with expanding the heart.  It is a path that integrates the wisdom of the intellect and lived experiences with the compassion and understanding of the heart.  This provides a balanced approach to life and to work.  It requires insight that leads to right action and weaves a web of refinement that produces greater effectiveness.

Working with Shri

Shri has been a student of both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. She has a 40+ years meditation practice.  As a licensed psychotherapist and family business consultant, her work in all of its various shades over the decades has always been heart-based.

What is different now, she realizes, is that a heart-centered life is no longer simply a choice for people to make; it’s a necessity.  There is a global pulse, a collective heartbeat, urging each of us to awaken to our own true, authentic selves.  In the past we might have been able to avoid waking up or put it off till later.  No longer.

The deeper we go into ourselves, the more we experience the inter-relatedness of all phenomena.   We are not separate  but in relationship to everyone and everything.  Our unique contributions radiate into the entire terrain before us and make a difference.

Deeply grounded in these aspects of the Radiant Heart Path, Shri can assist you to:

  • Make sense of the changing landscape before you now
  • Understand the root causes to the obstacles you may be facing and the restorative potential to heal them
  • Explore and enter the doorways leading into a new expanded version of yourself
  • Open and live from the vitality, strength and expansiveness of your radiant heart


“The greatest gift I got from Shri was emancipation from self-condemnation.
She provided a safe harbor so I could step back far enough to get a perspective I
could not have outside our conversations. The Quantum Healing work left me astounded
by the depth and breadth of it.” – David Ward Inventor and Founder: StrawJet

Shri offers three different Radiant Heart services: