While still a Peace Corps Volunteer in Northern India, Shri had the great opportunity of meeting with H.H. Dalai Lama before he began teaching on the world stage.  That encounter changed her life.  She began to embark upon her spiritual quest and remained in India for several more years studying numerous spiritual traditions and becoming a meditation practitioner.

The meeting with spiritual teacher, Neem Keroli Baba, where her heart got completely cracked open and expanded, gave her the direct experience of what “we are all one” and “love everyone” truly means.

Shri was a pioneer with some of the early Westerners studying mindfulness meditation in India and has witnessed over the decades how it has expanded into the West in areas of holistic health, education, traditional medicine and the business world.

As a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in transpersonal and depth psychology, Shri has been a bridge for people to integrate their psychological self-awareness with the spiritual awakening journey.  She has a gift for opening doors so her clients can see the opportunities that await them on their path.

bridgeIn the late 90’s, Shri expanded her expertise to become a consultant to family businesses.  She is invigorated by the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, dedicated work ethic and deep conviction to service that she sees with leaders who have chosen to create “conscious companies”.  She sees work as the cutting edge to manifest personal transformation and spiritual principles into action that can affect the world through best business practices.

Shri brings a unique perspective and exceptional gifts to the business community.  She works with many people throughout the country with an emphasis in holistic health and nutrition.

Shri completed a three year intensive Quantum Healing training with Dell Morris and offers these healings in her work.   Quantum Healing can stand alone, be done in a series,  as well as compliment a business leader who feels repetitive patterns are manifesting in the work life.   She is presently training with teacher and author Jim Self.

To meet the intense and rapidly changing times we are presently experiencing on the planet, Shri’s focus now is assisting people to Walk the Radiant Heart Path.

Recognizing that fear, self-doubt, resistance and uncertainty do appear during these times of great transition—walking the radiant heart path requires a stamina of the mind and enormous courage and determination to stay aligned with an open heart— and let this expansive heart truly be the beacon of light that shows the way forward.


rainbowwaterOn a More Personal Note:

I have been very blessed to have lived in some of the most remarkable places.  I grew up in a stable, traditional New England family during the 50’s.  I learned a strong work ethic, fastidious honesty and a no-nonsense way of experiencing the world……all very important as the turbulent 60’s and 70’s got underway.

Originally, I was supposed to go to Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  The program was suddenly canceled and off I went to India during the peak times Westerners were traveling there searching and thirsty for spiritual awakening.

I have lived during exciting, innovating, creative and transformational times with life and work in Marin County/San Francisco bay area; Boulder, CO; and Ashland, OR.

cactusI am presently residing in Northern Arizona’s high desert, near my daughter, her husband and grandchildren.  They have a very busy, productive family farm in the area.  I happily get my vegetables, eggs and flowers on a regular basis.  The quiet, expansiveness of the high desert (except of course when visited by three granchildren!!)  allows for a new aspect of the creative side of me to emerge.

I am very grateful for this life!!