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Awe is a higher dimensional word. Energetically it lifts us up, beyond the usual reality of the third dimension that witnesses experience as linear, time-constrained and polarized. Awe on the other hand, is expansive, beyond this limited perspective and opens up channels in our being that are truly inspiring, imaginative and much larger than ourselves.

Now science has gotten into the picture with some fascinating results. As usual they are finally validating what has already been known throughout history as transcendental experiences. What is fascinating about this study is that these scientists are pointing to the benefits not only personally but collectively as well.  They consider it one of the fastest and most powerful methods for personal change.

Many awe experiences happen in relationship to nature. Hiking and suddenly coming across a massive waterfall. Very few words….”mostly being struck by the vastness of the universe and your own tiny part in it….you temporarily blur at the edges, feeling a connection to something greater than yourself.”

An Experience of Awe

I remember being in the hills of the Himalayas and being taken to a rhododendron forest. Now I was told I would be seeing rhododendrons, but I was not prepared for what awaited my eyes. Coming previously from New England, I had seen small rhododendron bushes in gardens, along with other flowering bushes. Lovely to look at.

As I entered this forest, it was indeed a forest of rhododendons. They were tall trees, way over my head. Many of them, indeed, a forest of them!! Gigantic red flowers with amazing leaves everywhere. My whole body tingled. I was speechless yet wanted to laugh and cry at the same time because of the profound beauty before me.

I had never seen anything like this before and at the same time, I was completely and utterly a part of this forest, instantly. I kept walking too and fro in the forest, feeling like a young child who still is at wonder with all of life. I also felt deeply connected to the person that brought me into this magical place, with unending gratitude. I could say that time stood still, yet what is really true is that no time existed in this place.

This study mentioned above showed a link between awe and unselfishness. perceived more time available and lessened impatience. Also, a social bonding effect that was an evolutionary advantage. There was also a sense of oneness and connectedness. Next step is for these scientists to purposely find ways to create awe experiences.


I use this word quite a bit in my vocabulary. I think I learned it from my adult children initially. Sometime is awesome: it stands out, it stands alone, it is the exclamation mark at the end of a statement. So then how do we make Walking the Radiant Heart Path an awesome experience? It is not something I “do”. Then it becomes one more thing to add to the “To Do” list. And we all know where that can end up.

It is actually something that “I am”. I am the radiant heart path and I also walk it. It is intent and then the willingness to be in a radiant heart as you move through your day. And as you commit to that, then as you walk, you will be in awe and see really awesome things and people. As you keep training the mind, when the negative thoughts, feelings, patterns arise, say thank-you and then return to the feeling of awe.

This is not about wishing you were back somewhere in that past awesome event. It is truly experiencing the feeling of that moment now. Feel the experience in your body, focus the mind on the feeling of wonder, surprise, beauty and expansion…….. and you will be there, in present moment time, not just once but over and over again!! The rhododendron forest lives on!!


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  1. Beautiful story. I’ve had many “awesome” experiences myself. Once seeing a field filled with thousands of yellow butterflies – still vivid in my mind, still brings me that “awe” moment!

  2. Yes, these “awesome” experiences can change our lives and even our world view sometimes. And to capture the feeling of them so that we can live them in present time when we so choose.

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