stonesWhy would anyone in business want to walk The Radiant Heart Path?

Because, in today’s world, the survival of the business could be at stake. What is needed during these unsettling times is a new paradigm of collaboration, inquiry, and knowing we are all in this together in how we create and do work.  Demanding of ourselves that we refine the personal, professional and spiritual aspects of our being is the task at hand.

Refinement is like the alchemical process……exploring, discovering, transforming and evolving ourselves and our work from the more unconscious parts of ourselves to the more conscious, loving, elegant beings that we are.  There is a fine-tuning of awareness that is rooted in a conscious leader’s being which can be genuinely felt by all those that he or she touches throughout the day.

hikingtrailWhen those who lead in business live and work from their passion and deep purpose, they work from a sense of power, rather than force.

They are like the trees in an ancient old growth forest….standing in a powerful presence of knowing.  They are effective because they have sharpened a skill set based on wise action and an open heart.

Working with Shri will help you to:

  • Clarify your personal and professional growth opportunities
  • Clearly see both the forest and the trees
  • Promote “team well-being” based on mutual respect, honesty and sincere collaboration
  • Foster meaningful, deep, dynamic relationships with your clients
  • Open doors to creative innovation as you stay focused on the integrity of your vision and mission
  • Understand the benefits of compassion, mindfulness and emotional regulation for optimal functioning
  • Move through times of transition and generational passing on of the mantle with ease




“Now, when something comes up, we don’t gloss over it; we take the time to look at it and have the harder conversations sooner, than later. We are a stronger team with a stronger business and a stronger marriage as a result of working with Shri. In a world that is losing integrity, Shri brings it! In her presence. She is a wise investment!” —Charlotte Kikel, Nutrition Consultant & Registered Herbalist (AHG) Consultant & Educator for Standard Process of Central Texas


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