quantumhealingIt takes courage to truly allow ourselves to be healed.  It often changes our world view from the limited and constricted box we have dwelled in for so long to an expanded, embodied experience of living from the Divine Essence of all Creation. The key to this shift in awareness lies in cultivating a deep compassion for ourselves as we embark upon our journey.

As a student of the Wisdom Traditions, Shri knows there are no “quick fixes” to the waking-up journey. Yet with new landscapes rapidly emerging before us in today’s world, we need precise tools that can support transformational change more directly and with greater ease.  Shri has found Quantum Healing to be the most profound tool to meet this challenge.


Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is an energetic form of healing that takes place in the Quantum Field.  The healing happens at the level of the DNA, a level that is much deeper than many other types of energetic healing.  It was created and taught by healer Dell Morris and is done long-distance. This healing modality is a very grounded, effective approach that supports lifting and releasing habitual, repetitive energetic patterns that get locked into the DNA structure.

There are three parts to a Quantum Healing:


During the healing, foundations—energetic patterns consisting of negative thoughts, emotions and core beliefs that have developed during traumatic or difficult experiences in your life and have attached to the DNA—are released.

These foundations can cause disruption and disequilibrium on the psychological and physical levels.  They can be exacerbated by genetic predispositions, environmental onslaught and long-term stress.


After the foundations are released, certain prayers are read to further assist with the healing process and for reestablishing balance in the body-mind.


At the conclusion, a commentary is received that gives you a deeper understanding of the Quantum Healing and what you can do to enhance its effectiveness.  This will be sent to you by email.

Logistics of the Healing:


Pre-Healing Talk

We will have a brief discussion by phone or Skype either the day before or on the day of the Quantum Healing to discuss the focus for the healing session.

The Healing

One hour long-distance Quantum Healing: We do not talk at the actual time of the healing. Lie down alone with eyes closed and remain quiet.  It is okay to fall asleep.  Turn all electronics off. No interruptions.  Please hydrate yourself beforehand.  Gently open your heart to the possibilities of the healing potential.

Post-Healing Talk

The next day we discuss what occurred during the Quantum Healing.  I report the Foundations that were released, prayers that were said and then read you the Commentary.

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 Quantum Healing Package

This package is designed for a one month focused time together. It includes two Quantum Healings plus two 75-minute integrated sessions. The integrative sessions provide a deeper understanding of what has occurred in the Quantum Healings as well as comprehensive approaches to effectively weave the evolutionary benefits of the healings into your personal, professional and spiritual life.

“Shri was talking about things that were deep-seated knots that very few people would understand.  I quickly knew that this was a profound, transformational technique that could change my thinking and my life.” Jennifer Patriarca. Associate Sales Representative, Standard Process, Ohio

For booking an appointment with Shri, contact her at shriestes@gmail.com.


Initial Quantum Healing ($175)

 Subsequent Quantum Healing ($150)

Quantum Healing Package ($500)