What People Have Said about Shri

My husband and I raised three children and ran a successful business together. After we had been married for 25 years, he shocked me by asking for a divorce. I instinctively reached out to Shri who immediately came to our aid. She worked with our entire family to deal with the enormous changes happening and spent two years working directly with our business so it would not fall apart. In fact, during those years, it was even more successful!

With Shri’s assistance, we made it through this difficult time. My husband and I forged a friendship that kept our family and business together. Each of us eventually married other partners. I was finally able to leave the business entirely and follow my own dream of rewarding work. I enjoy calling Shri from time to time and she always helps me with clear, practical, and wise advice about new life challenges. – Carole Miller, Sherwood, OR, Past Co-Owner: Lawrence Gallery

It is difficult to accurately describe Quantum Healing, as often the experience is beyond words. It is as gentle as a warm tropical breeze, and as profoundly strong as a glacial polar shift. The Quantum Healing sessions have significantly impacted achieving my goal of physical, mental, and spiritual well being. I am confident and committed to continue the work until the goal is achieved. – Ishan Vest, D.C., Daly City, CA

Shri Estes is a unique healer. I joined her newly formed professional women’s group in Ashland, Oregon. She cast a net of security with safe boundaries from the first day. Her wise counsel led us on a journey of spiritual growth and healing that lasted many years. After leaving Ashland, Shri helped move me forward to complete the writing of my novel-in- progress, using long distance Quantum Healing. Her razor-sharp intuition has been honed by the depth of her own spiritual exploration and practice. Working with Shri you will find a healer able to lead you on a powerful and transformative quest to confront difficult issues with courage and gentleness.  I look forward to Walking the Radiant Heart Path with Shri. – Lori Henriksen, Ashland, OR

I have worked with Shri in many capacities over the years and have benefited greatly from all of our time together. My husband and I started working with Shri as a consultant in our family run business. We brought her on board because we were in a time of transition. We didn’t want to run from our growing pains. We wanted to step into the transition and learn as best we could.

Shri helped us have hard conversations! It’s easy to get too busy to “work on” your business, running from project to project, never taking time to reflect. We call it the “Spin Cycle.” Shri helped us break these patterns by bringing profound reflection to what was happening. Naming something is so healing! If you can name it, then you can work with it. Shri is so skilled at this. She knows what questions to ask to bring you forward with compassion and understanding for all the moving parts!

Shri helped us see the value of slowing down and giving attention to the things that are happening. Now, when something comes up, we don’t gloss over it; we take the time to look at it and have the harder conversations sooner, rather than later. We are a stronger team with a stronger business and a stronger marriage as a result of working with Shri.

I have also worked with Shri one-on-one for Quantum Healings. I have had three of these sessions and each one has brought a positive result. I am an herbalist and nutritionist, so I do lots of work on the physical plane, but in 2015, I made a commitment to address the energetic plane of healing. I called it the year of the invisible! Shri played a huge role in my healing. I have some specific triggers to my nervous system that would show up as significant stress. Now, those things in life happen, but I don’t go into my fear response.

After my work with Shri, these things that used to trigger me don’t! It’s fantastic. Another time, I really wanted to start writing, so I set that as a goal for our session: please remove the blocks from my self-expression. Within two days, I started writing, and I haven’t stopped. In fact, I just got my book back from an editor! Shri has a unique gift for helping you access your higher self. All I had to do was stay open and trust. In a world that is losing integrity, Shri brings it! In her presence, I know myself, and life, in a more meaningful way. She is a wise investment! —– Charlotte Kikel, Nutritional Consultant and Registered Herbalist (AHG) Consultant and Educator for Standard Process of Central Texas (Austin)

Shri has been our long-distance Standard Process of Central Texas Business Consultant for a number of years. With many changes happening personally and in the reorganization of my team, I wanted to be sure my business stayed on track through the process. I have found her guidance both personally and professionally to be invaluable, as did 5 of my promising accounts that I asked her to coach. Shri lead our teleconference weekly team meetings for several years: setting the agenda that was inclusive of everyone’s input, running and keeping the meetings on track, making sure there was accountability of follow-through with action steps. After the business logistics were handled, she presented us with a theme to contemplate. Using inquiry tools, she encouraged each of us to go deeper into a meaningful discussion to see how the theme was relevant for our business as well as our personal and professional development.

She is available as well to Charlotte and me whenever we want an objective observer to lend insights into our team’s inner workings.

When the Catalyst Program came into being, it required substantial changes in how my associate reps and our office staff interacted with each other and with our customers. Shri’s advice has been invaluable in making this program very successful not only here in Texas, but with the other territories that are utilizing the Catalyst Program. She is able to maintain objectivity in a way that is rare, and her advice is both clear and accurate. – Glenn Kikel, Regional Sales Representative, S.P. Central Texas

I have been a practicing Chiropractor since 1998 and have been blessed with a thriving chiropractic practice. When my health began to deteriorate I began utilizing whole food nutrients and my health and wellness changed dramatically. I felt it was vitally important to begin utilizing the nutrition in my practice so others could gain the health benefits. My practice was generating about 2-3 thousand dollars in nutrition sales when I was offered a chance to work with Shri for 20 hour-long sessions.For me it is hard to put into words the benefits I gained with Shri. The work we did really put into perspective the importance of my work. Shri really helped me solidify my practice goals and objectives and to clarify what I really wanted out of my practice and my life. Shri was much more than just coach; she was wise teacher.

To me the most important thing is that as my goals became clear, it became clear to my patients as well. My nutrition practice has blossomed and grown exponentially. We are touching more and more lives with a wellness paradigm. This is in a four day work week and the balance between practice and family is great. I have never in my practice been more happy and focused. Thank you, Shri – George Cornali DC, El Paso, TX

I am an acupuncturist and nutritionist in Austin TX. I have had many opportunities to receive coaching from various people, but when I was lucky enough to meet Shri and receive her work, it was by far the most successful coaching experience that I’ve had to date. She was skillfully able to encourage me to explore my own ideas and thoughts on a deeper level to extract a solution to whatever business challenges we were discussing. She is patient, kind, forthright with her advice, and diligent in holding me to the tasks or goals that we had co-created. I recommend Shri in this capacity to anyone who is stuck or would like to be recharged with the excitement of the possibility of more success within their health care business. With Shri’s help, the supplement side of my business has increased over 160%. Thank you Shri for improving my bottom line and helping me create a more positive and profitable business. You are the greatest! Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Douglas Rutkowski, LAc

Shri Estes is a profound healer. I have experienced many modes of alternative healing in my life and many healers, and none come close to what Shri is able to do. She has a depth of understanding about the human psyche that few people I’ve encountered have. This coupled with her deep and natural compassion makes the experience of the healing very moving and brings me into a place within me from which I can really hear her and take heed of what she’s telling me. The healings she’s given me are phenomenal. She’s always dead-on with the foundations she’s removed, and her commentary often brings tears to my eyes. I see both healing and growth in my life due to these healings that are ongoing. – V.F., Sebastopol, CA.

Shri worked with me as a whole person. She helped me see that all of my challenges weren’t just spiritual and wisely encouraged me to take the next important steps to move forward in my life with energy and vision. Because of my work with Shri, I was able to follow my dream of starting and eventually selling a national wholesale product business based on my artistic photography. Shri also validated my deep desire to meet a man and be married. She believed that I was willing to do the work to make a committed marriage be successful. That vision has also come true!! – Judy O’Neill, Founder, Former Owner: Landscapes Within

 Shri has mentored me as a business coach for nearly three years.  Working with her has been an absolute pleasure.  In the past, I worked as an attorney and came to my current situation with limited sales experience.  She has helped me create and enhance my sales skills and relationship development.  Shri is excellent in this area because she focuses and trains both the big picture and overall concepts, and also on the details and practical application.  I have taken her guidance and turned it into real world success with my customers.  One of my favorite tools is Shri’s Quantum Healing sessions.  These sessions have been life-altering, opening me up to new awareness of obstacles that were holding me back from living out my greatest potential.  I’ve noticed a clear and distinct shift and lightness after each Quantum Healing session.  I highly recommend this technique to anyone who is feeling stuck in any area of life. – Audrey Taylor, Standard Process and MediHerb Associate Representative for Middle TN

I have been fortunate to receive Shri Estes’ quantum healing on two different occasions. During these healings I have felt a sense of peacefulness and calmness during the actual healing in spite of the fact that we were hundreds of miles apart. She has the ability to connect with a person in a way that goes beyond physical distance. In addition, the notes that Shri sent me after my healing were very helpful to read and reread when I needed to be reminded of my ruminating patterns. Her healing helped me have a successful art show where I felt so happy seeing my work go out the door knowing it would hang in friends’ homes. – Marisa Bevington, Portland, OR

I have known Shri for quite some time. I came to her in distress about family issues, grief and loss. She affirmed that my feeling of overwhelm was not made up, not just a wave in the water but a difficult storm to ride. I forgot that I had the wisdom inside of me. Shri reminded me of my own inner knowing. She offered a clear perspective when I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I trust her completely as she is one of the few egoless people I have ever met. Her deep spiritual practice shows in her beingness. That is rare.The feedback from the Quantum Healing work has been relevant and invaluable. – Jeanne LeFils, Boulder, CO

The Quantum Healing session I experienced exceeded my expectations. I was having recurring dreams of very negative feelings from a failed marriage that ended almost three years ago. Since the healing, I have not experienced any further dreams or negative thoughts that would occasionally just pop into my mind that I could not understand as they did not appear to be triggered by any event. Almost immediately, I felt free from these negative thought patterns and dreams. It was also great to have a detailed write-up of the session – Beverly Cotton, El Paso, TX

For many years I have witnessed Shri’s deep connection to spirit. Her path has centered on heart opening to compassion and wisdom. She is an incomparable guide for support in evolving on one’s path. With her knowledge of family business, she shares deep insight into conflict resolution, appropriate strategies for different stages of growth and right livelihood. I highly recommend her services. – Janet Gross, Founder and President: Heritage Landscapes, San Anselmo, California

Shri was great at getting the vision fleshed *and *at helping me figure out what it will take to create that, both in terms of what needs to happen in the external world *and *in terms of what patterns, habits, etc I needed to shift in order to make the vision manifest. Not unexpectedly, my vision morphed and changed as we worked, and she helped me create a truer reflection of my current values, goals and interests. In looking back, I can see that part of what we did together was bring my vision into alignment with who I am today and where I am going, rather than a vision stuck somewhere in the past.  She has been instrumental in helping me grow into the new roles that I am creating for myself within the business- employer, active participant in the local business community, creating a different type of business model than typical in my field etc. For the first time in a long time I feel imbued with a powerful sense of being on my right path AND a powerful sense of certainty that I actually have the tools and support I need to continue to unfold the vision AND I am enjoying the process along the way! Thanks Shri!!! – Kirstin Lindquist, L.Ac., Energy Matters Acupuncture & Qigong, Oakland, Ca

Shri has an incredible and intuitive way of asking the pertinent questions to draw from you a deeper understanding and greater insight to deal with transitions in both personal and organizational change. She has a way of holding space while keeping the larger picture in perspective as the innate challenges during such times arise. She has been an incredible resource in my life and one I continue to touch in with. Her wisdom is a treasure. – Karen Harte, Director – Still Meadow Retreat, Damascus, OR

I love the healing you did for me!! It is very powerful work. The healing was a true blessing during one of the most difficult transitions in my life. I experienced almost immediate relief of health issues and the intense fear and anxiety. The foundations given were revealing, but more importantly, provided a tool for me to clearly see how to let go of the habitual patterns and false beliefs that created a theme that followed me through my life. There is a veil that has been lifted and I can see farther and deeper into the little things in my life that are now ever more poignant and truth telling. I can now peak behind the curtain and see what DESTINY has in store! Thank you! – P.T., Penn Valley, CA

The greatest gift I got from Shri was Emancipation from Self-Condemnation!! I worked with Shri as a relationship was ending and as I was dealing with the company I had started to bring my invention of StrawJet into practical use. Shri provided the safe harbor so I could step back far enough to get a perspective I could not have outside our conversations. We were on such a leading-edge with this business. I felt the enormous pressure of other investors giving money to follow my dreams. Conversations with Shri helped me see the obligations in a larger context: my dream but everyone’s issues of humanity.  Shri held that vision for me. She helped me to come to a position of grounded centeredness as I was challenged to represent myself publically as the recipient of the Invention Award of the Year by the History Channel and Time Magazine (out of 4000 entries). The work we did was fundamental to allow me to be in the position I am in now…..I have challenges but I am still in the running!!

Recently I did several more sessions with Shri including a Quantum Healing process. I have been impressed with Shri’s work for some time but the Quantum Healing work left me astounded by the depth and breadth of it. Shri was able to uncover and shift fundamental wounds from my early years. The results of this work have given me the freedom to be my authentic self in an unprecedented way. – David Ward, Inventor and Founder: StrawJet

I have long contemplated — but resisted — the idea of working with a coach until I was offered the opportunity to work with Shri Estes. I knew her experience was a unique situation where I could gain vast understanding. Shri helped me to realize the duality in my business: working with my doctors and supporting what the doctors were trying to do with their patients. Currently, the development of mission and vision statements have allowed me to identify and articulate my passions in the nutrition field, focus, and apply this passion to my work through structured goals for my accounts and myself.

Shri has equipped me with better communication and broader perspectives, allowing me to get to know my doctors better, and thus, satisfying their patients’ needs, as well.

This improved understanding has led to increased trust from my doctors, allowing me to work side by side with them to foster the ultimate goal: health and happiness for their patients.

Quantum Healing was the catapult for my healing.  I really didn’t understand what it is all about; however, I trusted Shri immensely and that was enough to try.  I can’t even begin to tell you the surprise after my first session.  Shri was talking about things that were deep, seated knots that very few people would understand.  I quickly know that this was a profound transformational technique that could change my thinking and my life.  I am so grateful for Shri’s compassion, direction and amazing skill.  If you are ready to start your journey to whole-hearted living, this is for you.–Jennifer Patriarca, Associate Sales Representative, Standard Process of Ohio

I joined the work force and stayed in the steel mills for 10 years before I obtained a Certified Natural Health Professional certification and started to see clients in my wife’s chiropractic office. I soon became the go to guy in my area for nutritional guidance. When it opened up, I applied for the Associate Field Rep. position with Standard Process PA. I had no expectations considering I was coming from a very blue collar background. I just knew that I wanted to help people and saw this as another opportunity to do that. Getting acclimated to a “sales position” was daunting but I was up to the task. A few years into this role came the chance to work with Shri.

Along the way, I was finding that I had a bit of a knack for energy types of modalities without really understanding what or how.  I am able to quickly determine what is going on with a person and offer appropriate nutritional support. To me it is just “normal.” It really didn’t occur to me that this could turn someone’s world upside down (for the better). I was just doing my job as a clinician, and this spilled over into my Associate Field Rep position as well.

One guess who helped me with that??? Yep, Shri. She has helped me tremendously to stop and figure out how I do this all so quickly. I am almost unaware that I do it. Shri has helped me to stop and put that into perspective. She has a way of bringing the best out in you even though you may be unsure of where you are at the moment or where you are going. Isn’t “Sacred Timing” wonderful!  When you are ready, you’re ready. I couldn’t have gotten where I am currently without her help. I am VERY delighted to have the chance to work with this fantastic person. I feel that she has made me a MUCH BETTER field rep in a short time. Thanks for all that you have done and will do, Shri. — Brian Foltz: Associate Field Rep. Standard Process PA.