wisecouncilAs a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in transpersonal and depth psychology, Shri has worked for several decades assisting people to integrate psychological awareness with a deep and strong commitment to the spiritual journey through mindfulness and self-discovery.

With this professional expertise as a backdrop, the emphasis of her work now is to provide the opportunity for you to deepen your spiritual commitment during these disquieting times and live from the higher dimensions of love, beauty, graciousness, compassion, dignity and well-being.


4lotusShri offers you:

  • A trustable, grounded, wise crucible for you to “know yourself”
  • Guidance in your awakening process in the midst of increased intensity and confusion now sweeping our planet
  • Effective tools to break negative patterns, beliefs, thoughts and emotions
  • Assurance that whatever difficult challenge or emotion that is arising now is present because it is ready to be released
  • Validation and passionate belief in your wholeness
  • Wisdom in how to develop self-love and compassionate caring for yourself and how to move this into your expanded world


“I joined her newly formed professional women’s group in Ashland, Oregon. She cast a net of
security with safe boundaries from the first day. Her wise counsel led us on a journey of
spiritual growth and healing that lasted many years.”
—- Lori Henriksen Ashland, OR

For booking an appointment with Shri for a Wise Counseling session, contact her at shriestes@gmail.com.


 Wise Counsel Session ($125)